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Al Kavadlo's Fitness Pro Master Class

"I'm a graduate of Al's Progressive Calisthenics Certification, so my expectations were high. This course exceeded them. I came to it on the cusp of launching a fitness trainer career but with real and intimidating questions about what specifically to do next, now that I have developed some content and generated a small following and a mailing list. This class gave me those answers, and concrete answers at that. I know exactly what I need to do next, and where I need to focus my attention in the next phase of my career. Al shared his truth and wisdom and did not hold back or sugar coat anything. Aside from the honest, well organized, intelligent and genuine content, one of the most useful things was that Al shared communications that he sent to others at various points in his career in order to land a gig, and communications that he has received from others about his work. And he pointed out to us what was right and what was wrong about these communications, and how they led to, or didn't lead to, the desired outcome, and why. This was gold, really.  Under the present circumstances if we are to succeed in the fitness business, we absolutely must understand and embrace the digital world, and this class gives us the tools to do so."  – Steve R.

"Al Kavadlo is the real deal! He's knowledgeable, passionate and has a unique knack for explaining complex ideas very simply and clearly. Al's obviously someone who has "walked the walk" and his advice is extremely helpful because he's speaking about things that have personally worked for him. I've been implementing some of his lessons and I've already gotten myself 3 new clients this week!" – Jessica M.

"As I’ve been working through my PT material, I’ve been listening to different podcasts and browsing through material on online training and it all seems to reinforce my dislike of salespeople and really made me question if I would like to actually do this. But this workshop was different than that. It resonated with my personal belief in being authentic as a means to promote oneself. I took notes and gained new insight into what I can do to build a brand without projecting as an ass! I think the material contained lots of useful info and insight. Thanks again!" – Sam B.

"Being a total noob in the online fitness world, I just wanted to be a sponge and soak in everything. And I did! You can call this program the "Get Online Strong" program. Just like Al's bestselling book Get Strong, there are phases and you know what you'll need to do to get to the next phase. As for me, I am starting at Phase 1 – total online noob. This program has inspired me to keep learning, enjoy the process and to maybe one day surpass Al." – Alvin Z.